AlexAlex has been drummin’ long before he got his first ‘kit’ and started lessons at 9 years old.    He cannot remember when he started playing beats on the kitchen table, school desks or car dashboards, but seems like it has been his whole life. 

Alex continues his drum lessons at Northfield Music Studio.   And, he will tell you that he still plays beats on any surface he can get his fingers and sticks on. 

Alex attends McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester, NY.   In addition to keeping the beat for CFN, he plays in the high school Jazz Band.   He is also a novice guitar player who likes to pick for fun.  Alex has participated in many sports and is currently a member of the school wrestling team. 
One of Alex’s hobbies is magic.  As an amateur magician he likes to perform magic and slight of hand tricks for his family and friends. 

When he is not playing with CFN, he likes to spend time on the golf course and hanging out with friends.

Alex is the youngest member of his family.  He lives with his parents, brother and two sisters.   His Chocolate Lab, Cocoa and Bunny, Oreo share the space too.

Alex is proud to be the drummer for CFN and enjoys playing with the talents of Luke, Marc, Ryan and Matt!