Like Navin R. Johnson's career (Steve Martin) in The Jerk, Danny Raycraft's road to success began with the sudden ability to feel the beat of a song. (Irrelevantly, he was sitting by the neighborhood pool, listening to, he believes, Smash Mouth.) Unlike the entreprenureal career that unfolded for Mr. Johnson, though, Danny's path has been a musical one. He started taking piano lessons in 1st grade, and then sax lessons in 4th. He has since discontinued his piano studies, but he still greatly enjoys playing piano and keyboard on his own and with bands like CFN. In 7th grade, Danny was introduced to playing rock music (as he had only studied classical up to this point) when, shortly before Christmas of that year, he had the sudden and overwhelming desire to play bass guitar, and was therefore given one as a Christmas present (thanks Mom and Dad). After teaching himself bass, he moved onto guitar in 8th grade and, to some level, drums in 9th. As a junior at Fairport High School, he uses all of these instruments every day in school ensembles, bands outside of school, and jam sessions with friends.

Non-musical interests include running (cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track since 9th grade), hanging out with friends, Risk, delicious food, and anything else that the trifecta of music, sports, and AP classes will allow time for.

Danny has been somewhat affiliated with the band since it was formed in 2007, but he is now very excited to be an official member. He has always greatly enjoyed playing with the guys, and has always been inspired by the musical talent that surrounds him in Luke, Marc, Alex, and Ryan. He is currently looking forward to what the band, constantly rising in local and national notoriety, will accomplish; and hoping that his career, after it reaches its peak, will have no more similarities with poor Mr. Johnson's.