LukeLuke’s singing career began in his elementary school talent shows back in Minnesota, singing ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World in third grade, and Guster’s ‘Careful’ in the fourth grade.  By sixth grade, he was on to originals and accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, performing “Girl with No Place in My Heart”, a favorite among the female middle school set.

The creative juices truly began to flow upon meeting his CFN mates.  Penning the songs for their debut EP, “There Was a Time”, Luke is thoroughly enjoying the self-discovery that comes with finding one’s lyrical chops.  He’s thankful that the CFN collaboration has brought out new inspiration and a whole lot of good times with the guys.

The band isn’t Luke’s only interest, however.  He’s a baseball pitcher, Area-All State Choir member, Geography Bee Champ, Honor Student, sax player in school’s jazz band, and an aspiring actor.  Luke’s had leads in several school dramatic productions (Larramore Mandrake in Three Murders and it’s Only Monday; Maxwell Smart in Get Smart; Curly in Oklahoma; Conrad Birdie in Bye, Bye, Birdie; Billy Crocker in Anything Goes), and he’s even noticeable as an extra in the feature film, The Alphabet Killer (Just don’t blink, or you might miss him!).

Luke is sixteen and a sophomore at Fairport High School in Fairport, NY.